It is three minutes to walk from the Asakusa station,That is a delicious restaurant to eat a lot of vegetables!

Menu of BEARS table


Bearstable is a great value restaurant where you can choose your favorite menu and get a veggie buffet.(^-^)


The content of the vegetable buffet is daily, but there are always more than ten kinds of side dishes.
I think that a common vegetable buffet is a line of vegetables that are only cut.
The Bearstable buffet is all about cooking.



The number is small, but there is a fruit, too.
Today is grapefruit and orange.
It is not in the photograph, but there was a seed pear grape, too!



The menu with a vegetable buffet is usually four kinds.


  1. Daily menu of meat or fish
  2. Daily ingredient Sandwiches
  3. Daily Ingredients Quiche
  4. Curry (choose bread or rice)


Some of these menus are changed into raw pasta.
The price is around 1,100 yen to 1300 yen.


The soup is in a time when it does not attach.
But I don’t have to worry because I don’t have any mistakes!


It’s really delicious!


Bread, pasta and vegetables! Features!


Bearstable Place



It is located in an alley that is two secluded from the boulevard facing the Kaminarimon of Asakusa.
I’ll put Google Maps to your reference.

Inside the shop


When you enter the shop, you will be able to expand your space.
This is right at the entrance.

Even if there is no one at the reception desk, the clerk will come to pick you up soon.
There are large table seats and sofa seats, and more than one regular table seats.


Right? Wide, right?
I think that it is a shop where children’s strollers and wheelchairs are put without hesitation (^-^)
This is the sofa seat.
There are three sofas.


It is a little back, but there are table seats.
There are a lot of table seats.

This is the view from the large table.
This is my favorite place to see the fireplace and the grand piano.


Details of the vegetable buffet


The contents change on a daily day, but it was very delicious today.(o^^o)


One Day Vegetable Buffet Example
  • Garlic Potato
  • Octopus with black olives and petite tomatoes and cucumber mashed potatoes
  • Lettuce Salad (black olive, fried onion, red beans)
  • Marinated mushrooms
  • Ginseng Marinated
  • Ginseng Pickles
  • The Sauerkraut
  • Red cabbage and vermicelli salad
  • Fruit (grapefruit, orange, grape)


As for the taste of the vegetable, it is hats off to seasoning of the chef.
Heaping attention.


It’s always a lot too much.



The taste is already mixed and I do not know!


I know it’s better to be more elegant, but I’m hungry.


≪ex≫Omelet Sandwiches


The food you ordered will arrive when you are eating a vegetable buffet.
This is an omelet sandwich.



Sesame Bread is a super horse!!
It is a sandwich that still has a hot omelet.


Today, I had a vichyssoise!


Vichyssoise is a few drops of olive oil.
This is also a double taste💗
The price was 1,100 yen including a vegetable buffet.


Drink rates


If you ask for a meal, you can order coffee at an additional charge of 100 yen.


Coffee, tea and oolong teas are 100 yen.
Raw beer and wine are 300 yen.


Side Menu

There is a side menu when I want to eat another one a little.


One rice ball is 100 yen.
Bread 150 yen.
The kids ‘ menu is a salad buffet and drinks 500 yen.
Today’s soup is 200 yen.
Today’s dessert is 200 yen.


I think it is a very conscientious price setting.


Because, here is the space to do the original wedding, so it is a stance to open a restaurant only when not in use.


The profit is cheap because it comes out in the wedding!?


The Treasurer will go to the reception with a voucher for the table.
Credit cards can also be used for visas and masters.



Opening hours and holidays




Closed on Tuesdays


However, because there is a case of the Charter such as the wedding, let’s give up at that time!
If it is closed.
I will introduce a lot of recommended shops nearby, please refer to that.(^-^)