Even takeout is delicious.
Introducing the Japan-style chicken nuggets bento!


Why I want to introduce「Hunatyu Ayumi」


I’m hungry. But I can’t go to a restaurant. I don’t want to go.


When such a takeaway, I want to eat the thing of the wind Japan so much trouble! Don’t you think?

I am walking the streets of Asakusa, and I often see foreign tourists buying bento boxes and cup noodles at convenience stores.
When you look at it, there is something more delicious! It is from the desire to teach heartily.
But there’s no need to know which shops are good in appearance.
So, I wanted to introduce the shop so that you can feel the goodness of Japan even a little.
Fried Chicken is a popular menu that fights one or two in Japan home cooking. (especially for men)
This time, I will teach the king of such fried chicken bento (^-^)

Mixed Fried Chicken Bento

Juicy Bird meat Many bento💗

If you’re hungry, don’t hesitate to choose!!

There are seven fried chicken, and a delicious creamy mashed potato and a sauteed burdock and often pickled in the garnish.
Fried Bird
It is fried the seasoned one with the soy sauce on the bird meat. Mixed bento can taste both breast and thigh meat.


Sauteed burdock
Japan home taste. Fried burdock with soy sauce and sugar.


Often pickled
Pickled radish. It is colored with the leaf of the Perilla.


This bento is the most popular bento in my home.
Price, 500 yen.
If you want to pay attention to this mixed fried lunch, say “mix Karaage Bentou“.

Chili sauce Fried Chicken bento


There is also a little different seasoning bento.
Next, fried chili sauce with a lot of chili sauce on the fried chicken.

Sweet, no hangouts!
What do you like best?

And I love mashed potatoes!
It is also difficult to add paprika with color!
Because, 500 yen is a little lunch?
I’m stuck to the appearance of this, and my head is lowered.

The chili sauce Fried chicken bento is 580 yen.
Chili sauce If you want to order a bento, say “Chilisauce Bentou.”

Fried Chicken Taste “kaimi”Bento


Fried chicken with bizarre taste bento 600 yen.
There is a sticking sauce in the fried chicken.
The strange taste is the source of the secret that excites you.
Please say “Kaimi Bentou” when you order.


Menu List


There are many other types.

◎ Fried chicken and dry bento 600 yen
Sauce from the soy sauce-based pila is at stake.
If you want to order, please say “Karakuchi Bentou“.


◎ Fried Chicken Bento 500 yen
Fried chicken and croquettes are in!
If you want to order, please tell “Hutsuuno Karaage Bentou“.


◎ Tatsuta-up Bento 500 yen
Only fried chicken breast meat.
Personally, it is recommended to eat a lot of mixed fried chicken bento.
If you want to order, please say “Tatsutaage Bentou“.


◎ deep fried rice curry 500 yen
It is curry rice with fried chicken.
Japan Curry is a unique culture that is different from the curry India.
If you want to order, please tell “Curryrice“.


◎ Mini Fried chicken phase lunch 500 yen
Recommended for a smaller eater.
Coleslaw Salad comes with only this bento (^-^)
If you want to order, say “mini Karaage Aimori Bentou“.


Side Menu

◎ eating fried chicken 400 yen
It puts it in the container of the palm size so that it can eat while walking.
Personally, I think the cosplay is a good lunch is about 500 yen rice, but I want to pinch a little! It is convenient when saying.
If you want to order, please say “Tabearuki Karaage“.


◎ hot and spicy fried chicken 680 yen
It is also used for eating, but spicy sauce.
280 yen is also high compared to the normal fried chicken!!
I wonder how much spice is used!?
If you want to order, please say “Tabearuki Gekikara“.


◎ Mini Salad ¥ 150


There is also a menu to take out only fried other, I will omit because it is a lunch push anyway.

How to order and price of extra


≪ Extra ≫
If you want to extra rice, you can add 50 yen.
Say “Oomori.”


≪ more Extra ≫
In addition, when you want to eat rice in particular, it is 100 yen increase.
Say “Tokumori.”


By the way, the red one in the in the in-between rice is umeboshi.
Please be careful because it is sour.
The white rice and the red Umeboshi are called the Hinomaru Bento because it resembles the flag of Japan in the orthodox style of the Japan Bento.

How to order


Just tell them what you want and how many you need.
Mixed fried chicken In two cases, say “mix Hutatsu“.
The number is transmitted even in one-to-two, but I’ll note Japanese.
One “Hitotsu
Two “Hutatsu
third “Mittsu
Four “Yottsu

The map of Funatyu Ayumi

I’ll put the googlemap.


Between the Asakusa Temple Hospital and Lawson, a red vinyl sign is a landmark.

Opening hours and holidays


Open year round
You can always get fried and eat hot.
Please go back to the hotel and eat.