Even those who are not good at sweets and those who are not so good, it is like a Japan wind cracker but pepper.


Because it is pepper, the compatibility with beer is also excellent (^-^)

I would like to introduce the sweets recommended for the souvenir of Japan travel.🎵

Introduction of rice Crackers


In Japan, rice is eaten as a staple food.


But it’s not just rice.


There are a lot of sweets with rice!


One of them is “Osenbei”


It is an old-fashioned cake to make the shape after the cooked rice is crushed, and to bake while painting the soy sauce.


It is said that it is an idea to eat delicious meal that time has passed.


“Ichibanya” Pepper Crackers


It is a cracker shop set up several stores in Asakusa.


There are many kinds, so the commitment to change the rice to be used by the type of cracker!


The most popular is the pepper cracker.


Once you eat it, it’s addictive.


Moreover, it is very light and it is easy to bring it back.


However, please be careful because it cracks if it does not treat it carefully.


The price of a pepper cracker


There are five entering and 11 pieces.


Because a package is Japanese, I think that it is pleased as a souvenir.


5pieces➡400 yen
11 pieces ➡ 800 yen


A sense of size of a pepper cracker


It is a little smallish compared with the size of a common rice cracker of the Japan.



Inside the paper package, there is a rice cracker wrapped in plastic.


It is good to keep a crisp state even if you do not give a souvenir immediately!


Shelf life of pepper crackers


It seems to have the expiration date more than two months after it buys roughly.


There was that much when I bought it.


It is safer to have a souvenir on the shelf!


Two places to buy


We will show you two places where you can buy your own pepper crackers.


Because it is a distance of tens walking, I think that you may go either.

Map of Ichibanya

Opening hours and closed days of the shop

Open year round

Map of the Al Terrier bakery (affiliated offices)



Opening hours and holidays of the Al Terrier Bakery



Open year round

This shop is famous for its melon bread.


If you are a snack, come


However, melon bread must be eaten on the day (even if it is late).


There are some other products, but if you buy a single “Pepper cracker” concentrate without any distractions, there is no doubt!


I want to choose a souvenir that I am happy to receive.


Please refer to it.