99% of the people are Organicrestaurant to enjoy the delicious, and those who want to spend leisurely time, hand-give!!


I walk about 10 minutes from Asakusa, but Iriya plus café near Iriya station.


The hotel is close to the ‘ 1980 Yen hotels.


It’s a very popular open café with an organic drink and a good meal!


Drink Menu


Inside the ()

Weekday  price.


A drink is obtained on weekdays (^-^)



◎Organic Coffee 450 (390) yen


◎Organic Earl Grey Iced tea 450 (400) yen


◎Organic Earl Grey Hot Tea (pot service) 500 (450) yen


◎Organic herb Tea (pot service) 500 (450) yen



Menu List


Inside the ()
Weekday lunch price.


◎ Meatlawfset 1180 yen (950 yen)

◎ Soup Set ¥ 1180 (¥ 900)


◎ Pancake & Rox 1250 yen (950 yen)


◎ a lot of raw pasta with side salad ¥ 1,000 (900 yen)


◎ Meat Loaf & Half pasta salad (980 yen)


◎ Special Mix Lunch set (1,000 yen)


◎ Bacon Egg Pancake 1080 yen


◎ Pre-booked course: 1,500 yen



Lunch hours


Popular pancakes and meatloaf are recommended.

↑ the picture is meatloaf ^ ^



Great lunch Set Drink


Great weekend lunch Set drink
50 yen subtract from normal price


Weekday Lunch Set drink
(+ 100 yen) coffee (hot Ice) Earl Grey Tea (hot ice)
(+ 150 yen) cafe au lait (hot ice) ginger honey (hot ice)




This is a set of feeling.


I can choose Pancake2 or bread, but I made pancakes ^ ^

This honey is very delicious!


The sweetness of honey without additives melts the heart.


Plenty of honey to use

And today’s soup was the potage of tomatoes.


I often use tomato for minestrone and stock soup, but I can do it in potage!


Other à la carte


Cutting Corners (^ ^;)


Take a look at the photos.


Map of Iriya Plus Cafe


Business hours and regular holidays at Iriya Plus Café


Closed on Mondays


Tuesday to Friday












At Iriya Plus Café, you’ll have a leisurely time in which you will want to take a leisurely reading.
Reward your body when you are tired.


Everything is delicious, so please come and try it!