I walk about ten minutes from Asakusa station, but I will introduce the shop which is delicious and is cheap anyway and can be relieved.

What is “Kamameshi”?

Japan Rice is said to be delicious when cooked in a clay pot, but iron kettle is good also!!


The favorite ingredients and rice are put in the iron kettle and it cooks, and it brings it to the table.

The rice that was steamed in a good condition is a little burnt there, and it is fragrant, and there is delicious again.


KAMAMESHI」is not eaten every day, but it is how to eat delicious rice that has been rooted in Japan for a long while.

Why is rice Mutsumi recommended?

Why is KAMAMESHI Mutsumi recommended?

There are many rice shops in Asakusa, but “KAMAMESHI Mutsumi” is the best value.

The price is cheap though it is more delicious than other shops!

The location is a bit far from the station, but it is still about ten minutes walk from the center, so we recommend you to visit.


The atmosphere allows you to enjoy the old-fashioned Japan houses.


What to do when you enter the store

First, ask if the person in the shop is vacant.


When an OK sign comes out from the person in the shop, I take off shoes and enter the shop.

There is a place to take off your shoes when entering the entrance.

Take off your shoes here and put your shoes in the shoebox on the left.

It is a shoe box where there is a poster of “stop” just pasted.


Rice Menu List

※All with miso soup and Japanese pickles

Da Sheng Extra + 324 yen

※Prices are as of May 2017

◎ Mixed Rice 1080 yen ”GOMOKU KAMAMeSHI

Because a variety of ingredients in the inside are rich, you can enjoy the deep taste of the interior.

Chicken, shrimp, clams, shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

The best recommendation personally!

The above photo is mixed rice ^ ^


◎ Bird Rice JPY 1080 “TORI KAMAMESHI


◎ Shrimp Rice JPY 1080EBI KAMAMESHI


◎ Shimeji Rice 1080 yen “KINOKO KAMAMESHI

with mushrooms.


◎ Octopus Rice 1296 yenTAKO KAMAMESHI


◎ Small fish rice 1296 yen “JYAKO KAMAMESHI

Small fish entered.


◎ Blowfish Rice ¥ 1404FUGU  KAMAMESHI


◎ Clam Rice 1620 yenASARI KAMAMESHI


◎ Scallop Rice 1620 yenHOTATE KAMAMESHI


◎ braised pig’s horn rice 2160 yen “KAKUNI KAMAMESHI

Sweet boiled pork.


◎ Small scallop rice 2160 yenKOBASHIRA KAMAMESHI


◎ Crab Rice 2160 yen”KANI KAMAMESHI


◎ sea urchin rice 2376 yen”NAMAUNI KAMAMESHI


◎ Seafood Rice 2160 yen”KAISEN KAMAMESHI

Scallops, crab, shrimp, fresh salmon, clams.


◎ Special Seafood rice 2808 yen”TOKUZYOU KAISEN KAMAMESHI

Scallops, crab, shrimp, raw salmon, clams, octopus, sea urchin, Blowfish.



Here, there is a time and there is no time, please ask.

◎ sea bream Rice 1620 yen”TAI KAMAMESHI

◎ Wild vegetables and birds rice 1296 yen”SANSAI TORI KAMAMESHI

◎ Boil squid rice 1404 yen”BOIRU HOTARUIKA KAMAMESHI


Weekday Deals Set

Weekdays 11:30-14:00 is a variety of deals ♪

◎ When you order rice, two small bowls and miso soup are service.

Of course, I have pickles as well as the weekend.


◎ Weekday Deals Course 1620 yen”HEIJITSU OTOKU GOZEN

・Mixed rice


・Choice Dish

・Small Bowl

・Miso Soup




When you get to your seat, you will be transported to a “Otooshi” like an appetizer preliminary.

The food you ordered is a pinch to arrive.

The content of the appetizer is decided by the shop, and the guest cannot choose it.

The appetizer is not available on weekdays except for lunch, and the fee is yen.

If you don’t want to, say “Otooshi Irimasen” first.

↑ was “tofu“.

Ginger and green onions are on board.

I eat soy sauce.

(It is the sake of honey yuzu sour that is reflected together.)

Is this the yam dip??

The appetizer is often a little bit, but you can imagine the whole picture of the shop, whether it’s delicious or not.

It is the moment when the expectation of the dish which eats from now increases!


Time to come out rice

Rice will take time to come out.

Be prepared to wait for more than 40 minutes!

When it is crowded, it may wait more than an hour.

Take care to avoid numbness in your feet, and wait patiently.

In the meantime, you may want to ask for some different dishes because it is Taken ^ ^

you had be better get drink sake, it won’t be a pain to wait.

(In that case, it will exceed 10 $…)


A la carte Menu

There are many menus.

It’s all recommended, so I’d like to introduce a whole menu.


Shrimp Japanese (2pcs) 540 yen”EBISHINJYOU

First of all, my favorite prawn Japanese

Because it comes out with a hot, deep fried, it is necessary to be careful of the burn!


◎ Omelet ¥ 648”TAMAGOYAKI

There are two kinds of eggs, a sweet omelet and a not sweet omelet.

The sweet one is called “Atsuyaki tamago”, and please order “Dashimaki Tamago” if the taste of the soy sauce is not sweet.

The price is the same for both. Choose your choice.

The appearance is almost the same, but the taste is different, so there is also asking both!!

↑ NOT Sweet Omelet


↑ Sweet Omelet


◎ Salad

Crab Salad ¥ 1080”KANI SARADA

Tomato and cream cheese salad 648 yen

Seafood Salad ¥ 1080”KAISEN SARADA

Cucumber and crab salad ¥ 864”KYUURI KANI SARADA

Tofu and this salad, 864 yen”TOFU JYAKO SARADA

* You can choose seafood, cucumber and tofu salad dressing.

(Sesame, Southern, Italian, Japanese wasabi, Caesar)


◎ Fried Sweet ¥ 540”SATSUMA AGE

The fish is sanded and fried with fat.

I eat it with ginger and soy sauce.

It comes out piping hot!





◎ soft drink 324 yen

Oolong Tea

Mulberry Tea

Green Tea


and cider

Orange juice


There is a lot of alcohol!

People who do not drink scroll and read.


◎ Beer

Medium beer size 540 yen

Small size of raw beer 432 yen

Bottle Beer 540 yen

Non-alcoholic beer ¥ 432



◎ Japanese Sake 432 yen ~ 972 yen

Order in merger. This is 180ml.

Merger is 360ml and the price is double.

If it is good, please tell “Ichigou” merger “Nigou“.

Hiya” to drink cold.

Atsukan” to drink hot

To drink at the temperature of the lukewarm says “Nurukan“.

≪Drink chilled sake ≫

“Kenshin”, 756 yen

“Tsukimizunoike”: 864 yen

“Hakkaisan” ¥ 972

“Yoshinogawa” ¥ 972

“Goukai” 300ml JPY 864

≪Drink Hot liquor ≫

“Kikumasamune” 432 yen

“Hirezake” 360ml 756 yen

(It is the sake to soak the filet of fugu in hot sake and enjoy the flavor.) The collaboration of fish and liquor. I like the passage.


How to eat rice

If you are looking forward to the long neck, the ordered rice will arrive.

It enters another container by one person.

The lid of the tree also has a taste, and it does not accumulate.

It is ok even if I touch a tree, but please do not touch it because the part of iron burns it absolutely!

↑Rice is like a white spoon on the top of a tree.

This white one is called “Shamoji“.

Every home is a mandatory item of Japan!

It is also recommended that you go back to buy a souvenir ^ ^


When you open the lid of the tree with Cartsu, the steam rise and the aroma seems to be delicious.

This moment is the real thrill of rice.

The rice is also shiny and shining ☆

Let’s use the “Shamoji” for the rice sled, please.

It is impossible to shave all at once, so let’s eat three times in a split.

When the rice is left in the kettle, leave the lid on the tree so that it does not get cold.

Shamoji” is good to put on top of the lid!


Pickles will come with you if you ask for rice.

It is like a pickled cucumber or radish Japan.

By pinching the pickles while eating the rice, you play a role like Shime to freshen your mouth.


When it is hard to sit straight

You can rent a small legless chair.

If you are sick of bending your legs, or if you are calling your age, please feel free to ask.

Let’s say “Zaisu kashite Kudasai“.

Map of Rice Mutsumi

Rice Mutsumi business hours and closed

Closed on Wednesdays and Tuesdays every other week

11:30 ~ 21:30 (last)