Do you  want expensive and 

delicious,or cheap  and delisious.


I introduce the “MAGUROBITO of a delicious sushi restaurant even if it is cheap!


There are a lot of restaurants in Asakusa,with a diverse range of sushi restaurants.


Reason to recommend Asakusa “Magurobito”


“Magurobito” is a good restaurant for those who like cheap and delicious shops.


The location is a 3-minute walk from Asakusa station.

It is in front of the road from the famous tourist area “Kaminarimon”.


Because it is a very small shop, it is often standing in the lines are long but move quickly.


Because it is a sushi shop which is a chain development in the town in Asakusa, it is possible to hold the price cheaply by stocking a lot of stories.



good value (^-^)

What to do after entering a sushi shop


If you enter the shop the female clerk will  greet you.


First of all, you have to ask if your seat is vacant.





If it’s not available, wait outside the store.


Because it is located in a shopping district, there is a roof, and it is possible to wait without being wet even if it rains.


(However, because there is no air conditioning, let’s endure the heat and cold…)


What to do after you arrive at the counter


When you get to your seat, you first order a drink.


Green tea is free.


All paid drinks are 350 yen per cup.

  • Beer
  • Sake
  • Lemon Sour
  • Highball
  • Oolong High
  • Green Tea High


By the way, you can order miso soup. This is 80 yen.



If you ask for a drink, continue to order the sushi!


I speak directly to Mr. Board.



A detailed description of the sushi menu

We will tell you whether you will order one at a time or two to order sushi.


When one is good, “Ikkan” is called “Nikan” when two.


Of course one, even through two ^ ^;


The price changes according to the day because the sushi is a market value.


There are also some stories that cannot be obtained depending on the season.



In sushi, wasabi is painted in the material, but because it is very painful, the person who is weak does not have the horseradish pulled out.



I will tell the cook “Sabinukide” .




I will put the price of various neta for reference.


Variety of sushi


As an example, if you want to eat a tuna of sushi, say it like this.


Maguro, Ikkan, o ne ga i shi ma su


In addition, there is a knob besides sushi.


If someone else has asked for this, please point and order the same thing ^ ^;


Because the content changes greatly by the season.



Accounting method


Now, when your stomach is full, it’s accounting time.


It calculates the amount if it is said, O, a, and I so to someone of the clerk such as the board in my seat.



Go to the cashier near the entrance!



You can use cash, credit cards and Suica to pay.


If you are making a Suica card to get on the train, you can also pay with that card ^ ^


I want to tell you that it was delicious at the end, but in Japanese “Oishikatta“, thank you is “A RI GA TO U” ♪



The greeting when you finish the meal is ”go chi so u sa ma”, and it is even better to say this!!




Asakusa MAGURO-BITO open hours and locations


Open all year round.

Weekdays 11:00-22:00

Sundays and Holidays from 11:00 to 21:00


Please refer to Google map here.



How was it?


I think that it was able to have the image until coming out after it enters the shop.


Let! Tri!

Have a good meal!!!