Introducing the Sushi menu of “Magurobito”.


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80 yen TAMAGO”

「たまご 寿司」の画像検索結果

I wrap an omelet with seaweed and put it on rice.

The sushi of the type which I rolled with seaweed is called “Gunkan”.

Because it is a little sweet, it is popular with children.



80 yen”SALADA

A salad with mayonnaise with on top of the rice is wrapped in seaweed. Even if I put soy sauce on it, it is good to eat it as it is.






I use many kinds of squid for sushi. It is said that the body is soft and sashimi is the most delicious, but it is also used for boiled and tempura.


It is orthodox to hold with wasabi, but you can also specify salt and yuzu pepper. Basically, I eat it with soy sauce, but when I taste it with salt and yuzu pepper, I will do it as it is.


When the seasoning of the salt is good, it is said, “Shio


When Yuzu pepper is good, let’s say “Yuzukoshou“.


Small eggplant

80 yen “KONASU

まぐろ人雷門出張所 -

It is put on the rice by making the vegetable pickled. Even if I put soy sauce, it is ok without applying it.


Because it is refreshing, it is good for palate.




80 yen “GESO


The foot of the octopus is put on rice.


I will put soy sauce.



Boil Shrimp

140 yen “MUSHIEBI


For sushi, there are many kinds of shrimp, cooking methods, steaming and baking.

This is a boiled shrimp. The Black tiger is often used.



140 yen “KOHADA

まぐろ人雷門出張所 - コハダ110円

Edomae Sushi is one of the main sushi.


Shad is said to be able to maximize the taste by making it to sushi material with vinegar.


It is called fish, and it is an interesting fish that the alias changes as it grows up.


Cinco (up to 5cm in length)
Shad (approx. 7 ~ 10cm)
Nakazumi (about 13cm)
Noxilo (from about 15cm)




Not many Japanese people can say all the names.


Especially, the one at the time called the Cinco is very scarce, and the sushi favorite eats it willingly.




140 Yen “IWANORI

In Japan, the history of Nori is old and has been eaten since the Kofun period and is sleeping on the table.


It has a touch that remains on the tongue and smells of the ocean.


The low-calorie, mineral-rich rock seaweed is a very healthy ingredient.

Fulvia mutica

140yen ”TORIGAI” 

まぐろ人雷門出張所 - とり貝 140円

It is said that the taste resembles the chicken because it is called “Torigai” because the shape resembles the beak of the bird “Tori“.




The hardness is easy to chew and the sweetness is felt.




It is said to be as good as the thickness and the black color.


Red seabream、Pagrus major

140 yen MADAI”

まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 鯛110円

It is easy to eat with a fish without habit.


The Japan is considered to be a high-grade fish with very popular ingredients. It is considered good luck because the color of the body is red, and it is willingly used for the congratulation thing.




I was surprised to hear that some countries do not eat snapper in the world!


I can’t imagine eating snapper with sushi.