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まぐろ人雷門出張所 - スミイカ

It is called “Sumiika” in Kanto, and it is called “Kouika” in the rest of the region.


I thought it was natural because I live in Kanto, but it seems that Tokyo is the only one that treats a small squid that is not born in particular.


In Tokyo, it is called the new squid “Shinika” that the child squid which hit from summer to autumn and is traded at high prices.

Bloody clam


170 yen 


まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 赤貝250円

It is in season from winter to spring.


The body is thin and it is not delicious in summer. Japan domestic shell are very upscale, so most of them are Korea and imported from China.


Even so, Japanese people eat many kinds of shellfish…


A warship of onions and tuna

170 yen


The one that the tuna was finely crushed was “tataki”, and the long leek and the tuna were put on rice and rolled with seaweed.
It is also popular with children.


with Soy sauce.


Conger eel

170 yen


It is a saltwater fish of the slender body shape which looks like the eel well.


When it is alive, it is slimy and swims squirm.

The eel that was cooked is my favorite, but I don’t want to touch it when I’m alive! It’s disgusting.


The eel which was burnt fragrant with the sauce is fluffy soft and is very delicious.


The sauce is sweet ^ ^



Tuna soaked in soy sauce

170 yen


まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 漬け鮪。

It is the one that the tuna was soaked in the soy sauce beforehand.



Since the Edo period sushi was preserved food, we tried to keep raw fish in refrains soy sauce.



In the past, raw fish was not used for sushi at all, and it was processed under the soy sauce, vinegar, and salt.



Because the taste of the soy sauce is attached firmly, We do not attach anything.


The veranda of the flounder


It is my favorite dish (^ ^)


Contact has a Engawa of flounder and a Engawa of flatfish, and the flounder is more upscale.