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Onion Buds

170 yen


まぐろ人雷門出張所 -

Fish is not aboard.

It is a class of creative sushi.


The needle is as thin as a blue leek ^ ^


It is a story that came to be relatively recent, while the fan surge!



How about Shime with the flavor of the onion?

Pandalus eous


170 yen 





This is a sweet shrimp from another shop, but you can see it as an image.



It is a raw shrimp with pink color. It is a high-grade food.


There is a little sweetness. Please take a peek and eat the tail!



The most shrimp-eating race in the world is Japanese and Chinese.



Vinegar soaked mackerel


170 yen



まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 〆鯖

A thing soaked mackerel in vinegar.


The thing soaked in vinegar is called “Shime“.


Mackerel is the most common and popular fish in the Japan alongside Salmon.


Autumn is in season. Japanese people who value seasonal things eat delicious mackerel in autumn.


The skin of the fish is called the Blue Fish “Hikarimono“, so the pain is so fast that it takes care to save.


It is possible to keep it on the shelf by keeping it in vinegar.








They are often eaten in Japan alongside salmon, tuna and mackerel.


There are many people who eat bread for breakfast at Japan, but some people think that the start of the day is not a Japanese dish of rice and miso soup.




For such a person, the most popular dishes is the drying of the Caranginae .


The Caranginae is also “Hikarimono“.


Because it is very delicious because of the fat, please try by all means.




170 yen



まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 鰯 (2014/09)


It is very common, and there are many kinds of sardines eaten in Japan. It is very delicious when I grind it in a dumpling shape, and put it in the pot.



Because it is “Hikarimono“, the smell is put on ginger and it is erased and it eats because there is a little smell.


Seriola dumerili


170 yen



It is a photograph of another shop, but please see it for reference.



It’s a big one and has a length of two meters.



I love the Engawa next season (^ ^)



from autumn to winter, and the fat is on.



firefly squid



I eat a whole squid of super mini size.




Some are put together on rice.

Let’s eat in a mouthful!




Red Tuna


170 yen


まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 赤身140円


It is a part with little fat of tuna.



The price is cheap compared with the Toro and the large Toro because it is considered that the fat is a luxury.


People who are not good at fatty things say that they like lean.






まぐろ人雷門出張所 - ぶり


It is a fish, and the name changes depending on the size.



Inada Hamachi (35-60cm)

Lhasa (60-80cm)

Yellowtail (over 80cm)



It is eaten all year, but the fat is especially delicious in winter and is called “Kanburi” and is loved.


Because it is a very popular fish, please try it by all means!




170 yen


まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 生しらす。


Although it is a lot of boiled and eaten, it is possible to eat only the fresh one raw, and it is thankless.


Sardines are children.



I put a lot of fry of about 1 centimeter in rice and am winding it with seaweed.


I eat it with soy sauce!



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