It is the fourth installment of the corner to introduce the sushi menu of Magurobito!


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Caulerpa lentillifera


170 yen 



まぐろ人雷門出張所 -

It is a crunchy of Okinawa prefecture and enjoys a pleasant touch and texture.


Fish, not seaweed. Very healthy


Mizuhopecten yessoensis


170 yen 



It is also recommended that you eat sushi with raw scallops, although it is often grilled scallop.


Because the taste is pale and there is no peculiarity, I think that I can challenge without liking.




200 yen



Eight are foot molluscs. In Japan, there is a document that the octopus had been eaten for a while.



Of course, the octopus is a very popular food now, and it is used for the proverb.


Bastard halibut


230 yen





It is a high-grade food. The Engawa and the liver which are the root of the fillet are liked though the body is delicious, too.



I also love the contact of the flounder ^ ^!





230 yen 


It is not a fish but a mammal!


But the look is completely fish.


Although the Japan was generally circulated before, it was remarkably reduced by the prohibition of commercial whaling. I don’t eat too much.



Stripe mackerel

230 yen



まぐろ人雷門出張所 - シマアジ

It is the kind that is the finest in the subject.


The season is from summer to autumn.


There is no peculiarity, I received a million ^ ^




230 yen



まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 数の子('13.11.04)

It is a herring egg.

It is a luxury goods.



In the Japan, I eat it as a lucky charm in New Year.


Crunchy, texture is fun and delicious.


Seaweed with egg




It is the one that the herring produced the egg to the kelp. Delicacy。


Bubble burst of food is fun and delicious.


The albino warship

230 yen



まぐろ人雷門出張所 -

It is a fish testis.



There are a lot of salmon and cod testicles.


Some people don’t like the creamy texture when they put it in their mouths.


Thread-sail filefish




まぐろ人雷門出張所 - カワハギ250円

The body is easy to eat without a habit, but the liver is also prized.



It is a connoisseur to put the liver on sashimi and eat.



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