It is the fifth of the corner to introduce the sushi menu of Magurobito!


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Grain Shell




Again, there are a lot of shellfish in the material of the sushi. Crunchy texture seems to be delicious.


Actually, I can’t eat shellfish…



Tuna with a little bit of fat

260 yen



まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 中トロ210円

It is the part where the fat of the tuna is on.


It is the price between red tuna”AKAMI” and “OoToro“.


It is the taste which melts on the tongue!



Fish eggs

260 yen



まぐろ人雷門出張所 -

It is a salmon egg.


There are few countries that eat salmon roe in the world, but it came to be known by the Japan food boom.


Bloody clam


260 yen


まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 赤貝250円

It is orthodox as sushi material.


Excuse me. I do not know the taste because I have not eaten.



I’m sorry to help you.



Boiled clams

260 yen



まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 煮ハマ

Clam, I also love.


It is from a small thing to about 10cm. Because it is boiled sweet, I eat it without applying soy sauce.




290 yen 



まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 活アワビ250円

It is a super-high quality food, characterized by crunchy texture. It is delicious even if it is a steak.


Because it is a gem, please try it by all means!



Pandalus nipponensis





まぐろ人雷門出張所 - ぼたん海老


It is a shrimp that can only be taken in Japan.


The sticky taste is rare and sweet.


It is an upscale category in the shrimp made sushi material.



Tuna with fat

290 yen



まぐろ人雷門出張所 -

It is a rare part of the tuna , and it is delicious with the fat on.


It is a feature that the body is cracked greatly by the muscle.


It is very delicious and I love it, but I want to see Toro grateful in the world only Japan.


Sea urchin


290 yen


まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 雲丹まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 雲丹塩握りEchinometra mathaei MHNT Philippines.jpg

The texture that melts with trolley is unbearable, and there is sweetness.



You may have a liking, but it is a feast on the pole for the person who likes it.


The appearance is a little grotesque, but I want you to close your eyes and try to eat it!



Hand Sushi Assorted




まぐろ人雷門出張所 - 「ネギトロ巻」210円

We have a variety of stories wrapped in rice.


I put soy sauce on it and eat it.


Example of Contents ≫

・”Negitoromaki” which cut the red tuna  and the green onion finely
・Dried vegetables, which are a kind of melon, and returned with water and boiled sweetly “Kanpyoumaki
・Cucumber “Kappamaki


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