「What do you want to eat in Japan? 」
It is said that the number of travelers responding to Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki is increasing.

Takoyaki can be eaten at various shops, but the taste is totally different.
I will teach you a delicious shop in Asakusa.(^-^)


Takoyaki is perfect for a snack rather than a rice.
I’m a strong ally when I’m a little hungry.
The features of flour, leek, soup and octopus are included, and the special sauce and the Blue onion and the bonito are put.


About TACO44

Here is a delicious Takoyaki restaurant in Asakusa.
Octopus Reed, which opened in May 2017.
In the first place, Taco is the home of Kansai, but the head of Octopus Yoshi is located in Osaka, a store that continues three generations of parents and children.
You can enjoy the taste of authentic Osaka, and the level is different from other Takoyaki shops in Asakusa!!
Taco44 ‘s Takoyaki is larger than the general Takoyaki and is more satisfying to eat.
The price of six Takoyaki is set from 400 yen.
You can take out and eat in the store.

Because it is a photograph when it is open, it is phalaenopsis.
In Japan, there is a custom to send a phalaenopsis at the time of the celebration such as opening.
The price is high by far in the flower, and is a market price of 10,000 yen ~ 50,000 yen.


Menu of Taco44


The Takoyaki is eaten with onion, mayonnaise and bonito.
While there are also shops that take a different rate of mayonnaise, TacoYoshi is All FREE!!
I’m glad!!



◎ soy sauce Takoyaki ¥ 400
Japanese style taste based on soy sauce. Orthodox.
I like this.🎵


◎ sauce Takoyaki 500 yen
A special source version.
The red Ginger is working, and the depth increases more than the soy sauce.
It is close to the takoyaki of Kansai style.


◎ ponzu-vinegar Takoyaki 500 yen
Because it is a source with vinegar in it, it is refreshing.
Even if it is full stomach, I might be able to eat this!?




Map of the Taco44


SDS Bldg. 101, 2-26-5 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
It is in the shopping street in Hisago Street.


It is near the Edo Traditional Crafts museum that you can watch for free, so why not visit it together?


Opening hours and holidays

Closed on Wednesdays